1M Unemployed? Let us Help One Another

1M Unemployed? Let us Help One Another

I read the news today oh boy. Nearly a million folks will not get paid. And though the news was rather bad. I saw the chance for grace, by helping our neighbor’s case.

CBS News Coverage of Unemployment claims to nearly 1 Million

Jobless claims surged by 1 million last week, indicating that jobs are being again impacted by domestic terror and the coronavirus. Times are challenging for sure.

I updated my LinkedIn Profile again, with my #OpenToWork tag. A job I had planned to begin was cancelled the business day after the Domestic Terror attack on DC. I am in good company. I have a resilient network of possibility thinkers and we help one another. I am sure something will come soon.

Over 90% of jobs are found through some level of personal networking, so learning how to be connected to a community where you have one another’s back is even more advantageous in hard times.

Here are some things you can do to help one another and your community face times of challenging unemployment:

What is the #OpenToWork tag?

A newer LinkedIn feature let’s Recruiters know You’re Open To Work. You can let recruiters and your network on LinkedIn know you’re open to new job opportunities using this new #OpenToWork feature.

Beyond #OpenToWork, LinkedIn enabled additional New Features that allow people to Give and Receive Help . If you are seeking work, consider enabling the feature. Then Notify your network.

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