What is Process Excellence (PEX)

What is Process Excellence (PEX)

Process Excellence (PEX) is an evolution of continually improving a better service, greater satisfaction, increased sales, and standards that enable capabilities, with measurable performance improvement. When Standardized process improvements are adopted, they can be quickly proofed in concept and rolled out to other affected business groups with consistency and agility.

  • Costs, risks and time to adoption are adversely increased, when scope for process improvement is too narrow and ineffectively captured.
  • Process excellence standardizes process so that everyone agrees and acts in a consistent way to deliver a task or outcome.

COVID-19 Global Pandemic has brought our industries most significant shifts in business workflow dynamics. Creating a culture for process excellence shifts with business or organization change focus from what it is to recognizing gains towards what it could be. It creates a start where you are, and builds momentum toward a continuously improving customer experience.


  1. Assess process effectiveness, and develop a strategic roadmap of:
    • opportunity areas
    • needs organized into logical workbreaddown
    • priority, dependency and organization readiness for change.
  2. Plan Organizational Change Leadership Strategies
    • process centers of excellence advocates
    • enabling organizational change
    • technology enablement to plan and report adoption and kpis
  3. Assess Business Process Improvement factors
    • assess core capabilities enablement
    • vision for business process leadership excellence
    • identify gaps between as is, and to be states
    • determine steps to build a solid sustainable process improvement
  4. Establish Performance Metrics to determine how to measure success
    • how to measure your business capabilities
    • how to link it to organizational mission and vision
    • periodic review of process and improvement for expected results
  5. Identify Technology Enablements and Process Automation
    • document current state business workflow
    • integrate alerts and notifications to improve experience
    • identify automateable corrective or preventative actions
    • standardize process root cause analysis and prioritization
  6. PEX Success Story Ideation sharing: close with a story retrospective of the initial blind spots, highlight how process excellence removed reactive, inefficiency, and non value adding tasks.
    • what data helped us uncover efficiency
    • how we used process improvement to improve communications. technology and process
    • what deliverables enabled a better customer experience

COVID-19 Modern Use Cases for Process Excellence

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