Twitch for Sony PS5 + more!

Twitch for Sony PS5 + more!

TWITCH is NOT YouTube:

Get to know more about it. Twitch logo is a sweet nod back to the 80’s Retro gaming world. But make no mistake, the love of older games, while recognizing we are moving forward, is what Twitch does best. How do we capture the best of what was, and make it better, more immersive in the process?

We cover why Twitch is compelling, why it’s NOT YouTube, and HOW industries are using it to connect and gamify their understanding of UI/UX, and how to deliver the ultimate gaming customer experience, in a game where continuous advancement, IS the journey. Twitch transcended the value of newest gamerforum niche community culture of games, music and streaming views.

  • + 15 million daily viewers
  • +140 million unique monthly visitors,
  • 2.2 million gamers streaming live gaming experiences viewer participants spend an average of 95 minutes per video.

Make no mistake Twitch is not a “sub standard” YouTube, people are just now starting to realize its power is its platform, and how people connect in Post Covid era to participate in avenues of “experiences, merchandise, community and entertainment where there are others like them!! This makes Twitch a unique and rich place for brands and advertisers.

If you think Twitch is a Millineal gamer’s light YouTube, you have already missed the point!

Different than YouTube is Twitch extends the benefits and logic behind community, to the best tools and processes, and gamified the logic of sharing. Twitch Leads, Gamifies, and connects to culture and community leaderships defining a unique and positive energy ecosystem.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a power platform for co-creating content around everything, different than YouTube in it’s immersive engagement.

  • Shared interest in the game of a multiplayer entertainment connected experience— unique, live, unpredictable, never-to-be-repeated experiences created by the interactions of many.
  • Twitch is all the way live, better than single threaded video, richer than overscripted television.
  • Twitch brings the joy of collaboration, participation, and the quest for best as everything gamers love, from anime marathons to esports competitions and more.


Shocking events that may have changed the course of my life are in store with PS5. All of that, and more are available on

USE CASE: Sony PS5 games for the best PS5 experience

Twitch is about connecting and creating a community with common interest. In this case Playstation 5 with the awesome gaming features we might love! With a family of gamers, of course, I was a hero when I did my consulting gig with Sony Playstation, at the time of the PS4 Launch. My son would study and absorb every game experience before carefully choosing what his PS4 experience would look like. PS5 users will be more interested in the Playstation kingdom, to keep in tune with the best games that take advantage of next generation PS5 features.

Entertainment, Gaming, Music News and Musicians

There are a number of incredible Musician Live Streamers, here are a few of my favorite musicians, or channels. What are YOUR musical faves?

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