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Standing Up a Center of Excellence

ServiceNow Resource Center has guidelines for standing up powerful Centers of Excellence.

  • Create Value-Added Digital Workflows.
  • Leverage Expert strategy, architecture, support, design, & development.
  • Improve velocity from idea to value delivery.
  • Minimize resource and collision risk and maximize Business Value.

Free ServiceNow Instance Analyzer

Thirdera’s must-have power tool is the Thirdera Instance Analyzer delivering complete code quality audit, end to end, for regular daily or weekly use to optimize your ServiceNow Investment. That’s a LOT of Value, and the price is right at $Free! What’s it Do?

  • Find, analyze and repair poor quality code in your ServiceNow instance,
  • Visibility into how to bring your ServiceNow Instance back to best practices.
  • Schedule and run code audits or run ad hoc or regular, targeted scans against some or all of your ServiceNow Code. 
  • Analyzes and identify poor quality code with insight into how to manage repairs effectively

Automate Pro

Why is Automate Pro so compelling? Automate Pro is a cost and resource savings enabler, and a ServiceNow current release train accelerator that is helping teams to:

AutomatePro Overview from AutomatePro on Vimeo.

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