ServiceNow Knowledge Management

ServiceNow Knowledge Management

Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) is so hot now because people are now working more mobile in a post COVID arena and KCS has been found to be a significant enabler for Business Post COVID, in some cases just in time Knowledge Availability has reduced training costs by 15% while increasing call deflection and Customer Experience through available Self Help to get end users going more quickly. KCS began as a service delivery method focusing on knowledge as a key asset for Customer Engagement, productivity and success.. On 1992 by the Consortium for Service Innovation, a non-profit alliance of service organizations began development expansion to produce a methodology and integrate the use of a knowledge base into the workflow.

KNOWLEDGE fuels decision, information, and how to disrupt and innovate. How am I going to do this? KCS provides a roadmap.

Story and Work Breakdown bullets:

As an Author I want to ….. turn on ServiceNow PreDefined Knowledge Article Templates ….. so that I can give a consistent look and feel to ServiceNow Knowledge Articles.

Knowledge Management Objective:

Get the right information to the right person at the right time.

The Basic concepts of Knowledge Management requires a recognition that Knowledge is constantly in a cycle of change, where content needs to be created or modified, approved and monitored. When appropriate the content will require retirement.

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Knowledge Centered Support and end to end Managing Knowledge Process

Best Practices for Effective Knowledge Management

  • Different than a “process document” in it’s abbreviated style and focus on content instead of brand/titled “documents”
  • Knowledge Articles should include small “bites” of information.
  • Knowledge Articles should be one page or next. If longer it should use indexing.
  • Use Headings to Organize Standard Content for Easy Reading.
  • Use Standardized Templates for a common look and feel directly to the content.

ServiceNow offers 4 Template Types in addition to the Standard KB Format

After the Knowledge Base is set up, you can start a campaign. Some do this through Brown Bag Workshops where they introduce the Knowledge Database, How to use it to start creating and searching articles in the knowledge base with a reference to the User Guide.

While people might be quick to use existing knowledge, it can be challenging them to incorporate new articles in. A Knowledge Management Workshop can help teams realize how to create content, and helps them generate a list of articles that they have subject matter expertise in.

Create knowledge articles

Users with the required permissions can begin to search and create articles for the knowledgebase. It is a good idea before creating an article to do a search to see if there is duplicate or similar knowledge. From the Knowledge homepage, you can select a knowledge base to search for articles and answers. You can view only the knowledge bases to which you have access.

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