ServiceNow Focus Feature on Guided Tour Designer. What ServiceNow Training Tools Do YOU love?

ServiceNow Focus Feature on Guided Tour Designer. What ServiceNow Training Tools Do YOU love?

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Focus Feature: Guided Tour Designer

Fast growth companies that are hiring support staff NEED something that assigns learning management requirements (Tools and Process) and validates completion as part of a New ITIL User Access Process. This would be cool to integrate with the New Hire Experience OR ITSM.

Keeping pace with internal features, and new ServiceNow releases, the Guided Tour is a great “Hey Look at this” at the moment training byte. This is a neat capability that would be made EVEN BETTER by allowing voiceover video.

Guided Tours are onscreen live tours or tutorials of the ServiceNow Platform that can be used for lead users to the ServiceNow platform. Can be used in sub-prod instance on how to use a feature in UAT. You can use it in the production instance to announces new features, set to auto run when you first load the instance after the feature’s guided tour is set up.

The Guided Tour lets you create custom popup call outs can click through a tour and end with a banner completion message. View it as an informative way to demonstrate new features of a tour, a new release, or a beginning to end ticket process.

  • Accelerate adoption of new features as well as new forms, apps, and portals with built-in visual cues and role-based guidance.
  • Improves productivity with on-demand tours of how to use ServiceNow to complete goal-oriented tasks to answer issues that are often asked by many to maximize efficiency.
  • Get analytics insights into where users seek guidance and recognize behavior patterns within user journeys.

Product Information gives you background information on how to get started, product set up, product support.

ServiceNow Store

Here we will look at Cool things to be found in the ServiceNow Store. Have you seen or put something new out on the Store?

Learning Management Systems

Other Learning, Education and Training Related Applications

What do you think is the best approach to ServiceNow Training?

What ServiceNow Features are you using?

Applications from the ServiceNow Store, or integrations that you suggest?

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