Relating the Clouds to CMDB: I’ve Got A Brand New Cloud Container. You’ve got a CMDB. I think we can Kubernetes

Relating the Clouds to CMDB: I’ve Got A Brand New Cloud Container. You’ve got a CMDB. I think we can Kubernetes

Prior to the Covid 19 Global pandemic, the potential of SAAS, PAAS, and IAAS was a growth interest. Digital Transformation brought cloud based microservices in volumes  across industries with the powerful business potential to engage with people around the world at a moment’s notice.

To CMDB or NOT to CMDB was the question before 2019. It was not a traditional Data Center, the cloud abstracted “enterprise” ownership, Virtualization and Cloud Containization. Kubernetes, and other container management software, blurred lines of who owns the infrastructure or who owned the enviroment needed definition and data management.

This video covers very light overview of:

Here we understand the components before we go deeper, flying higher In the clouds with Kupernetes Discovery in ServiceNow. So here we have a nice foundation. A really nice bringing it all together roadmap between ITOM with CMDB.

My congrats to Alexander Ljungström and Fabian Kunzke who ran a recent master class webinar kick off demonstrating the organizational aspects to consider that helps you boost ROI, save implementation costs and allocate resources correctly.

ServiceNow allows microservices and API driven approach to CMDB. Microservices allow pace from beginning, to test, move to production and with defined relationship visualization of all Asset Upstream requirements , down stream Dependencies and Service Asset Oriented Relationships in an interactive map view.

  • Track and monitor all configuration items (CIs) in your environment
  • Define relationships & visualize all the asset dependencies and relationships in an interactive map. 
  • Lifecycle traceable Configurations for changes in process, tool, or ownership.
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