ServiceNow and Post Covid-19 Enterprise Workflow Value Transformation

ServiceNow and Post Covid-19 Enterprise Workflow Value Transformation

Yes I am a Covid-19 Business Change Agent. Some of my friends laugh at me, looking at my white board of process flows and the way I think about things. I love an idea that is good for the customer, the client, and the community. Yes I am a little different perhaps, but this is also why I am so passionate about ServiceNow. Many do not understand what workflows are, or what they do, so I am a proud supporter of the power of ServiceNow. It is both my passion and my pleasure to help others to transform their enterprise and often it involves how to use ServiceNow better than they do today.

Like ServiceNow I have a passion for best practices, I absorb the best from our world of Business Leaders in Government, Innovation, Startups, Human Resources/Recruiting, Crisis Management, IT, and CyberFraud Prevention. I have:

  • Worked with Healthcare’s thought leaders to define a managed healthcare workflow that improved the consistency of IT services
  • Delivered global service design and delivery for Global Fortune 500 companies and startups to improve customer and user experience and support new hire growth.
  • Embedded with Leading CyberFraud team to define Case Management Workflows that reduced Consumer Software Fraud impacts
  • Coauthored books with IT Service Management Professionals
  • Collaborated on Global IT Industry Certification Standards
  • Conducted California Leadership Best Practices CISO Summit
  • Partnered to author Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery guidance to plan for crisis and business continuity.

The key to enable powerful innovation in all business sectors even during Covid-19 is to seek to understand, document the workflow steps and what needs to change. The workflow between current and should be states improve the way work is done, delivered, produced and supported.

~ Dawn C Simmons

Simple is not always easy, and ServiceNow is excellent in “getting” the logic that despite all industry “trade” uniqueness, there are common workflows and best practices. Understanding the technical enablers, and people using them empower business value and solution delivery.

ServiceNow Success: Simple Principles Supporting Core vision

ServiceNow is an Enterprise Cloud Company, make no mistake they are not just an IT Service Management Shop. This company is changing the way business is done, and transforming the way people work. Yes it started perhaps with IT. IT Infrastructure Library V4 by Axelos came to introduce the importance of value stream related service delivery and management.

ServiceNow is a workflow enabling solution provider. They embody the best practices of industry, into a service‑oriented lens on the activities, tasks and processes that make up day‑to‑day work life, to help the modern enterprise (not IT Support Shop) to operate faster and be more scalable than ever before.

  1. Understand the current state workflow and where there is waste
  2. Defines a standard service model to improves structure, delivery, value
  3. Improve experience, automates workflows, remove inefficiency
COVID-19 Global Pandemic: rapid scale with standard solutions

Before COVID-19 most Fortune 500 enterprises experienced a high backlog and a known element of high project demand and delivery. ServiceNow, like all other business, experienced radical demands for immediate industrial enterprise level transformation due to Covid. ServiceNow responded to demand for vision with rapid scalable solutions.

When you are the Cloud Based Industry leader serving 80% of the Fortune500 corporations, you begin to appreciate why and how important ServiceNow‘s commitment do delivery of solutions to help companies manage their digital transformation business workflows.

September 2020, ServiceNow Paris Release addressed some of the larger challenges corporations faced to remain agile and find resilience to grow, enhance productivity, & thrive despite the challenges of the COVID economy. 

  • Improved Core functionality for Knowledge Management Life Cycle in response to new demand for better and faster needs for knowledge.
  • Improved cross ServiceNow Environment Communication for collaboration with partners
  • Improved Analytics capabilities to respond to new trends
  • Predictive Intelligence Machine Learning Implementation simplification
  • Improved IT Business Management Capabilities to address new demand and challenges to Solution Architecture procurement and onboarding
  • Hardware, Software, and Cloud/SAAS License Management Capability advances helped manage asset and licensing with new demanded mobile workforce with new software and hardware needs.
  • Improved Field Service Management capabilities needed to be able to track a new mobile workforce and the issues that come with it.
  • New COVID Communications and Tracking applications
  • Improved HR Service Delivery Communications with Mobile enhancements: to improve mobile and deliver new types of content such as videos. Configure for the privacy and security requirements of federal customers.
  • Integrated Customer Service Management with Safe Workplace Applications to support new demands for mobile support and customer service.
SERVICE NOW: Covid-19 Innovation Story: Closing the Digital Divide:

Here is a lovely story that illustrates why I love ServiceNow. There is a Problem, a workflow and an opportunity to make a difference. Here is the story of how the City of San Jose need for helping thousands of students in need, was addressed by workflow transformation and innovation!

The Problem: Covid-19 Mandatory Distance Learning has created a digital divide facing many school districts where the students and school districts themselves have inadequate distance learning capable laptops and connectivity. The divide is impacting 67,000 students who lack the ability to continue education, participate in zoom, classwork activities, and the new Covid-19 mandatory online Education format.

The Workflow:

  1. Covid-19 Distance Learning (where) is impacting (how many students) who need (basic laptops and connectivity)
  2. Standard service model enabling pilot: (City of San Jose) will partner with (ServiceNow) to (provide needed hardware) and (fund connectivity) using pilot of Service now ITAM Service Life Cycle to identify ready hardward that fits the profile. Of the (67,000 student device needs), this model will provide devices for (54,000 student device needs).
  3. Repeatable Service Model Solution Community Pilot: For the city of San Jose, there are 13,000 remaining devices. By offering this workflow to other ServiceNow ITAM users in the area, how many additional idle assets are available to solve the remaining needs? What other areas might have similar needs?

The power of a workflow, is its adaptability to new problems, challenges, and opportunities. Having created a scaleable pilot solution leveraging the powerful idea of the City of San Jose, they have created a scaleable Digital Inclusion solution that ServiceNow created a pilot that can be leveraged by ServiceNow and any ITAM customers of ServiceNow.

But what about the customers with distance learning in other areas? Over 20 million Americans lack systems and/or internet today. Some students without adequate internet are trying to do this at McDonald or Libraries, but with Covid, access was more challenging.

Consider the power of this one good will community standard IT Asset Management workflow. Companies using straight out of the box configurations of ServiceNow benefit from this pilot to identify assets that can continue community value after retirement from Enterprise Assets Lifecycle.

The Value Statements:

ServiceNow used workflow innovation to solve the problem by creating a donation cycle workflow using ServiceNow’s  IT Asset Management (ITAM) product to search ServiceNow Internal  local inventory and, they were able to identify assets in a 3-year depreciation cycle, that were immediately available for donation. Now depreciated assets go to fuel local student education.

  • IT Asset Management identifies idle and EOL asset value has new life in closing the Digital Divide supporting education and school district distance learning programs.
  • Companies that are closely managing their hardware and software licensing, services and patching benefit by reduced cost of support, and security risk.

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