PlayStation + Discord is a GOOD thing!

PlayStation + Discord is a GOOD thing!

The pandemic certainly drove Discord’s popularity with a free service letting cross-platform gamers connect over video, voice, and text to communicate in Slack-like group channels to discuss common topics that include gaming, and many other interest communities to chat on Sony’s Playstation Network, Desktops, and XBox, and Android and Apple IOS, mobile devices.

Statistics on Discord:

  • Discord is valued at $2B
  • 140 million active users globally
  • Spend a stagging 4 billion minutes on the application
  • With community growth to 6.7 million active servers.

Haven’t heard of it? It is the gaming and social media community that is bigger than slack, and all social media platforms have certainly noticed, and several have made a movement towards acquisition.

San Francisco-based Discord, founded in 2015, has risen to over 100 million active users, distributed across a network of 6.7 million servers.  Discord has a number of interesting Social Media purchase offers, however, they seem to be most intent on bringing the company public.

Sony Playstation partnered up with Discord’s communication. This is a big deal for features, accessibility, and cross-platform gaming on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox coming in 2022. This news promises a better experience. It will be interesting to see what this does to Play Station Plus or Play Station Network. This is a hot bit of news if implemented with the security, execution, and stability to make this partnership shine.

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