People are still at the heart of business’s greatest asset!

People are still at the heart of business’s greatest asset!

Price Waterhouse shared Covid (Coronavirus Crisis) emerging workforce priorities in demand for today’s for business leaders. There observation is that COVID-19 (coronavirus) has significantly impacted businesses and the economic climate.

Business needs Agile business leaders who create vision supportive of a company’s greatest asset: its people, in five leading aspects:

  1. Protect people as if they are your greatest asset, because, they are!
  2. Communicate effectively with clear direction and positive vision.
  3. Maintain continuity of work and focus on agile, continuous gains
  4. Assess workforce costs
  5. Prepare for recovery

Here is my take on the five aspects:

In tough times more than others, caring for people, involves asking and caring how they are and what they need to be successful. No not just your boss and your colleagues, cultivate a culture of caring for one another, and the customers you serve. When you remember that is why you are in business, you start making progress, and maintaining profitability.

Communicating effectively means sharing and being the change you want to see in your world. Demanding loyalty and positive words will not do nearly as much to win hearts and minds, as to partner and communicate clearly.

Maintain continuity and progress, even in disruption. Agile requirements around when to push harder, and what to focus on for best outcomes.

Assessing workforce costs, and change plans with a mind for iterative progress. Meet the team where they are, and identify whats needed to move forward, time,people and commitment.

Preparing for recovery from crisis. Check the milestones and alignment points. Plan the key elements for recovery from crisis and manage plan and project wellness.

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