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AutoTest Case Planning

AutoTest Case Planning Correct checkmark sign for project business approve and quality assurance, Certification

AutoTest Case Planning is essential for efficient test automation with AutomatePro. Learn how to organize and convert existing test records, develop automated tests from acceptance criteria, and manage testing for new users and product upgrades. This guide covers identifying personas, mapping high-level process flows, grouping tests for maximum efficiency, and providing ongoing support, ensuring robust test coverage for your projects.

Quality Assurance Test Process

Quality Assurance Test Process: AutomatePro AutoTest: Getting Started

Quality Assurance Test Process: Ensuring Excellence from Story to Production
Welcome to the AutomatePro AutoTest for ServiceNow Products. Our QA Test Process guides for moving stories from inception to production, covering all critical QA activities, including planning, designing test cases, unit testing, running story tests, managing defects, and conducting production smoke testing, while emphasizing comprehensive documentation and best practices.