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Re-Engineering Healthcare Cyber Security and the Future of Healthcare Innovation

What is Future of Healthcare Innovation?

Innovation is how we transform the practical reality with new solutions, processes and services. Innovation is how we change from the existing to the new methodology that creates a new way of doing something.

The global transformation within Healthcare has been “energized” from movement in IT Transformation, Data Transformation, and improving the baseline of edge consumer technology. We can fuel an improved access to information to include more prevalent value of AI, and Video/Telemedicine. New Technology and microchips will make our mobile health solutions more powerful in identifying and detecting diseases and acting sooner. All of this however is predicated on access, improved chronic care, through shorter disease diagnostics and solutions.

How can we enable Healthcare Transformation?

American Medical Association (AMA) hosted healthcare leader, Charles Aunger, Chief Digital Officer from Health2047 and respected leader on the Forbes Technology Council. Charles is a source of boundless innovation, he shared a bit about this on an insightful session on the importance of Information Security in Healthcare Innovation. Charles is an expert in healthcare innovation and information security. 175 year old organization and unified voice in public health. AMA exist to remove obstacles in patient care as well as maintain and drive the future of healthcare.

Health2047 — transforming healthcare at the system level

Health2047  is a Silicon Valley Based initiative is developing and evolving healthcare solutions in partnership with the AMA in Chicago, and Washington DC. Health2047 and AMA have partnered up to structure the future of healthcare. In 2047 the AMA will be 247 years old, That is why Health2047 has the name, but the strategic path to innovation data liquidity, chronic path, productivity change, improved analytics and healthcare value.

Health2047 Inc. is developing and commercializing healthcare solutions that:

  • Enable data liquidity protected by world-class security
  • Realign healthcare systems around chronic care
  • Produce radical productivity at all levels of care and support
  • Facilitate value-based payments

Current State

The COVID global pandemic, increased the demand for healthcare services, and exponentially increased the risks of cyber criminal healthcare information.

CISA and NCSC are currently investigating a number of incidents in which threat actors are targeting pharmaceutical companies, medical research organizations, and universities. APT groups frequently target such organizations in order to steal sensitive research data and intellectual property for commercial and state benefit. Organizations involved in COVID-19-related research are attractive targets for APT actors looking to obtain information for their domestic research efforts into COVID-19-related medicine.

APT Groups Target Healthcare and Essential Services | CISA

In Recent News:


Health care data has a history of being highly valuable, and heavily targeted by hackers and cybercriminals. It is the access to this type of Private Healthcare information and what needs to be done to re-engineer and image a better data management strategic but secure advantage with AI and secure access.

In History:

Health care IT News noted that 36% of health institutions were unable to provide care for at least five hours as a result of cyberattacks.” The average cost of a health care data breach is $6.45 million, adding that “the 2019 Cost of a Data Breach Report indicates that healthcare is the most expensive industry in terms of the total average cost per breach. They also had the longest data breach lifecycle—the time it takes to identify and contain a breach—of 329 days.

It’s Time To Re-Engineer Health Care Cybersecurity (

We must think about new values and new methodologies to see the enabled global space to do the right level of secure information mapping and baseline.

Health2047 Managing Director of Medical Affairs, Dr. M. Christine Stock—Professor Emerita from Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine, former Chair of Northwestern’s Department of Anesthesiology, and former Chief of Anesthesiology at Emory University ​Hospital—centralizes thought leading topics, and opportunity to creating the future of Healthcare Transformation and Innovation with candid conversations with leaders operating at the intersection of healthcare and technology-enabled innovation.

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