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SERVICENOW ITBM and Post Covid Pandemic Business Value

What needs to be the key element in an IT Business Management Implementation? Today’s enterprise recognizes peak potential from aware modern technology (Cloud, Agile DevOps). The COVID PANDEMIC demands amazing Customer Experience (CX), and modern Service Experiences (ITSM), with sometimes some significant resource challenges.

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DEMANDS: More and More, Faster and Faster, now with COVID

Unprecedented scale, pace and agility is needed to address accelerating business requirements with new COVID Pandemic risks and constraints. We meet the business where they are, defining the transformation journey that enables a baseline to plan, implement, measure, and improve.

The right ITBM and ITSM solution must:
  • provide guidance to manage short term focus for delivery
  • articulate business and technical requirements to deliver the right mix of incremental features.
  • create a shared vision roadmap
  • preserve knowledge, encourage continuous improvement ideation and recognize agile delivery.
IT Business Management Defined

Business Best Practice Enablement is an organized approach that helps the enterprise to adapt to new demands, recognize new value, and capture innovation with optimal service delivery competency.

We use a structured approach to discover and document the current and future state IT Business Management and IT Service Management workflows to understand the organization (people).

  1. Discovery Plan a Business Process and vision sessions that understands the bridge between current state and a successful, improved future state.
  2. Improve Current and Future state Assess the available metrics, and reporting approach.
  3. Engage in review of findings and what success looks lik with Directive guidance to Align Initiatives Across Strategy and Operations to Boost Productivity.
  4. Design and Transition a solution that unifies the powerful ITBM and ITSM organizational vision. Discover and builds from the current state to recognize the improved future state.
  5. Obtain and Build Process , System and Control reports that deliver quality, and a process aware strategy that maintains profitability with improved agility for future needs.
  6. Deliver and Support we focus on the current state Operational and Service Delivery workflows (process) to match with the right mix of Business Best Practices and ServiceNow solution (system).
  • How are people benefitted or umpacted? What pain points be solved?
  • How can we help the project be successful? What must we deliver?
  • What changes in our organization and the customers we serve?
  • What workflows utilize this capability and how must they change?
  • What business and technical requirements must the system deliver?
  • What are the capabilities and requirements? How will we get there?

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