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6 Tips For Improving First Call Resolution

Support and Service Delivery organizations can not improve what they do not measure and review. They can not measure what they do not define. Here are 6 tips for improving the Customer Experience (CX) which are cornerstone of a vibrant customer experience.

Following best practices help realize these benefits:

  • Higher ServiceDesk and IT Service Delivery capabilities
  • Improved IT service availability
  • Greater productivity with enhanced operational effectiveness
  • Progressive customer experience and support team satisfaction
  • Better alignment with compliance requirements
  • Positive financial bottom line by reducing service delivery support cost

The ServiceDesk is such an important front line to creating a positive customer experience. Customer needs and demands change overtime. First Call Resolution or First Contact Resolution (FCR) is a key driver in customer satisfaction, influential in keeping touch with current demands, and delivering customer satisfaction. FCR metrics review process is associated with high levels of customer satisfaction.

DEFINITION : First Contact Resolution (FCR) Metric is used measure customer calls, inquiries or problems resolved on the first call or contact to a Service Desk Representative.

  1. Motivate ServiceDesk and Tier 1+ collaboration a One-IT campaign to encourage partnership – focus on creating value and excellent Customer Experience with Knowledge, training, and recipe to troubleshoot and resolve on most common issues.
  2. Knowledge is power! Gamify your Knowledge Centered Support approach to create Knowledge on the easily fixable high volume problems that enables ServiceDesk, Support Staff, and User Self Support. Find a solution? Write the article once, and help hundreds.
  3. Cultivate Positive CX Communication Skills: Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Anticipate Customers needs, offer positive resolution oriented communications in a way that Empowers End Users, without overwhelming them.
  4. Organize Data Driven Decision Making Metrics and KPIs Reviews of operational and service management improvements. Track repeat calls and escalations to understand customer pain points. Analyze top volume Performance Analytics. Develop strategies to reduce time to resolve, First Call Resolution, and self service solutions.
  5. Automate Common Tasks and repetitive time consuming tasks.
  6. Initiate a Center of Excellence approach to review Business and CX feedback and act on opportunities to improve.

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