How are you keeping them ITSM current on tools and process?

How are you keeping them ITSM current on tools and process?

THE CHALLENGE: How do you keep pace with ITSM Training?

I asked the question of an IT Service Management Best Practices Group and was impressed with the volume of responses who are investing in Automated Test as a means to accelerate ITSM Training.

We miss the latest advantages because by the time we finished Service Quality Testing on the last release, the next release is available. By the time we finish producing the Support Guides, the release after that was available!

~Anonymous ITSM Community Member

Here is a snapshot:

Statistics Driving Demand for Efficient, Effective, Frequent Training

  • PEOPLE: On average the IT Help Desk Turnover rate is around 37%, constantly creating new people to be trained.
  • TOOLS: Modern ITSM Tools upgrade on average twice annually requiring upgrade at least annually to stay current.
  • PROCESSES AND BUSINESS GROWTH: Processes and new Business Demands are a constant. Healthcare industry IT Jobs are on a growth trajectory due to COVID, more Doctors, Clinicians, Nurses, and Devices, mean more IT staff people to be trained

With all of this change, it’s really challenging to keep training for turnover, growth, tools and process change.

Unique Challenges of Now

  • How to manage upgrades, test cycles and training with budgetary constraints?
  • How to produce training that is ready before our IT Staff need it, to help them help our customers?
  • How do we overcome desire to automate and produce great training when we don’t have time?

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Who provides your ITIL Process Training and Continual Improvement?

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