Dawn C Simmons: Commitment to Best Practices

Dawn C Simmons: Commitment to Best Practices

Best practices are an excellent way to improve the performance and productivity. A best practice is a generally accepted, proven method or technique, or a standard for producing solutions that create desired results. Sharing best practices can help professionals and the businesses they serve to fill knowledge gaps, improve efficiency, encourage leadership. Contributing to a organization of best practices, improves every participant’s understanding and optimizes results for all involved.

Dawn C Simmons (Khan) has 2 decades involvement in leading and implementing business best practices methods and standards.

  • Method: is a formal technique, or procedure of approach to completion of something, using a systematic established business process.
  • Standard: an accepted idea or conceptualization used as a measure or model for comparative evaluations of business process, project, or performance.
Best Practice Networks for sharing detailed Methods and Standards

Following are a list of Best Practice Business Network Focus groups for bringing professionals to share ideas, methods, standards, and celebrating success.

Advanced Persistent Threats & Cyber Security

Agile CMM

Association of Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation

Autism Employment Network

Autism Speaks Supporters

B2B Technology Marketing Community

BA Coach

Business Analysts

Business Analyst Community

Business Analyst Times

Business Process Outsourcing

Capability Maturity Model Integration

Career Hub Startups Finance Blockchain and Jobs

Change Consulting Digital Transformation Change Management

Chief Information Officer Network

CISO Cyber Security Information Group

Cloud Computing Cybersecurity SDaaS

Consultants Network

Content Protection & Anti-piracy forum

Continuous Improvement, Six Sigma and Lean Group

Covid19 Center of Excellence

Cyber Security

Digital Marketing

Digital Strategy & Transformation

Enterprise Global Cyber Fraud Prevention


Executive Womens Network

Global Business of Bangladesh

Global Healthcare and Managed Wellness Center of Excellence

Global Information Technology Professionals Association

Global Recruiting Professionals Network

HDI (Help Desk Institute) Global  Denver Metro LI

Health and Wellness Networking Group

Healthcare in 2040 and Beyond

Inspiring Global Education and IELTS Study Abroad

IT Professionals

ITIL Recruitment

ITIL4 and ITSM Tools

itSMF Global LinkedIn USA LinkedIn Facebook  San Francisco LI.

Jobs n Career Success Network

Knowledge Management Institute

Lean Six Sigma  

Linked San Francisco Bay Area

Linked To Autism

Marketing Social Media/Business


Project Manager Community

Recruitment Consultants and Staffing Professionals

ServiceNow Jobs, Resources, Executives, & Professionals

Writers & Authors

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