Covid Cyber Employment Fraud: $Millions in Job Fraud, $Billions in Unemployment Fraud. Recruiters and Jobseekers Paradigm shift

Covid Cyber Employment Fraud: $Millions in Job Fraud, $Billions in Unemployment Fraud. Recruiters and Jobseekers Paradigm shift

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Congressional Research Services Reported that US unemployment reached an unprecedented level, never before witnessed, even greater than the Great Recession, impacted the US in April 2020 with 14.8% unemployed. By the close of the year, recovery still had not happened, at the rate expected, and ended in December at 6.7%.

Demand for the Global Recruiting Professionals Network in LinkedIn suddenly rocketed up with the new year as recruiters try to deal with some of the challenges of recruiting in our new environment. Our network suddenly has nearly 1,000 new requests for membership. This network exists for Recruiting and HR Professionals to connect and share best practices. We direct those who are not HR or Recruiting Professionals, or who only wish to market jobs, to go where the job seekers are, on our to the partner Professionals Jobs n Career Success Network, which was created to connect both Jobseekers and Hiring managers and support laid off professionals looking to get back to work.


More and more companies are looking to Vendor and Recruiting Life Cycle Management. The business process for recruiting was forever changed with the Covid Global Pandemic. How they recruited, hired, and managed talent completely changed. Enterprises are engaging more Business Process Expertise to bring together Cyber Fraud Prevention to address new complexities in the Vendor Management and Human Resources Employment Sector.

  1. Volatile Corporate Financials or Covid Human Resource Impacts result in sudden layoffs or job cancellations and closures for companies of all sizes. Some entire industries most impacted by mass layoffs, including hospitality, tourism and travel, and transportation industries. Other industries experiencing have increased demands on retail, ecommerce, supermarkets, facilities workers, business softwares, remote meeting collaboration, and online learning. Of course healthcare is in a crisis to hire and onboard talent. Most businesses that remain open suddenly had to adjust to a large percentage mobile workforce.
  2. Challenging for recruiters to attract talent, maintain brand image, support demand, and fill jobs, when requisitions are raised and cancelled, interviews, hiring decisions and job requisitions are scheduled and cancelled. Job Seekers are discouraged at the prospects of applying for jobs daily and never getting an interview, or never hearing anything after an interview.
  3. Increased Identity Fraud from compromised Jobseeker’s ID being compromised and sold into the black market. Employers may be liable for Identity theft for how they use, store, or transfer Jobseeker ID Information. Recruiters use the unique identifier of your birthday, your social security enables identity fraud to receive candidates from an employment agency submission. Resume already contains career history and home contact info.
  4. More EDD Unemployment Fraud  In California alone, already, $11.4 billion of EDD Unemployment was paid out in unchecked fraudulent claims. This has resulted in the launch of a massive fraud investigation. An entirely new black market underground has emerged, overseas for hackers, identity thieves and overseas criminal rings, who successfully stole over $11 billion in Covid unemployment benefits meant for valid unemployment victims in California, resulted in slowing the distribution of valid California Jobless unemployment benefits.
  5. More Covid-19 Oriented Employment Fraud can adversely affect companies who have nothing to do with the scam itself. Indeed job board shared how to identify the Most Common Covid19 job scams and what to do. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) launched operation, Operation Income Illusion, to crack down on fraudsters. Some 18,000 Americans were victimized in a total amount upwards of $13.44 Million with fake jobs or work from home procurement job schemes. They were victimized while desperately unemployed or under employed. One example of the types of Fraudulent job offers sent to people desperate to get back to work is this. Several of our Professionals Jobs n Career network professionals reports getting at least one of these types of these fraud job requests daily, after posting a job on the big job boards.
Fraudulent Job Listing

Enterprise Global Cyber Fraud Prevention- Methods: Detection & Mitigation, & Best Practices

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