Continuous Improvement: Because Great CX and EX is made, not born.

Continuous Improvement: Because Great CX and EX is made, not born.

How can we be more innovative? How can our Service Desk can improve, from call takers to value creators?

I love the movie, Office Space, a parody of typical IT work life of a mid to late-1990s software company. A clip from that film comes to mind when the question is asked how we can improve Service Desk Capabilities.

The answer is not just your people, because a great Customer Experience (CX) depends on a great Employee Experience (EX). Both CX and EX are made, not born, by understanding and keeping a pulse on the business, where its moving, and how the Service Desk can get there.

The Answer is not the People, if you have have not developed the training, staff development opportunities, motivational rewards and recognition, and understand how the policies, processes, and procedures defined are being utilized.

Assess the Current state perceptions to prepare the foundations for what needs to change, look around, explore and understand. It is far too easy to stop at a “promise” that a tool will solve your problem, or the blame is on the staff for not trying to do more. Understanding the current state and technology advancements to engaging employees, automating workflows, and delivering Omnichannel Customer Experience.

Continuous Process Improvement is key.

  • Define the system, tools, people, process and training.
  • Measure to understand the current performance and baseline how effective the improvement is working.
  • Analyze the data
  • Improve the Approach and Plan for Resolution.
  • Control the resulting outcomes to ensure all solutions are built to last, with metrics to report when something is wrong.

Train people on the policy, the process, and what the benefits and expectations are. Stay current to leverage your tools investment in the latest features, that were made out of business demand for service enablement. Conducting a sound body of knowledge that keeps training, knowledge information, and recognition current, is always a good idea. “Gamifying” excellence to celebrate the values you want to see more of, is a great way of extending training, motivation, and compliance metrics.

Challenge yourself to understand how technology can enable your business and what steps you can take to get there.

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