Community Crisis Resource Reference List

Community Crisis Resource Reference List

Please add comments to this article to include local or global resources to help our community members in crisis. Let us share the resources that help our communities to help one another recover challenging times, together.

211 National Resource Directory: Help Starts Here!

Call 211 for US Nationwide Crisis Resources for Most Areas. It is a mature and comprehensive United Way Project. There is a web-based search, but dialing is generally the best way to find specialized resources for your challenge and your location. Find your Local 211 web reference (However, if nothing is found, call. There are resources for almost every area. This is a very helpful resource and can provide you local resources to help you in the following areas:

  • Finding Food and Fighting Hunger
  • Mental Health and Hope for Dark Times
  • Help During the Covid Pandemic
  • Emergency Healthcare Expenses, Treatment, Medication Resources
  • Housing and Utilities Assistance
  • Emergency Help Paying Bills in Crisis
  • New To the United States Resources
  • Government Assistance
  • Rights and Legal Support in Crisis
  • Substance Abuse assistance


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