Change Management Optimization Story

Change Management Optimization Story

What is Change Management?

ITIL defined objective for Change Management process is to control the lifecycle of all Changes and align IT Activities with business objectives. The primary objective is to enable beneficial Changes to be made, with minimum disruption to Business Services.

Fundamentals of Business Transformation and Optimization

1. Introducing Opportunity: Transparency about the current state of business, the need for change, and the definition of success.

2. Implementing Change: Creating a transformation design and implementation team who gets the people, process, and tools changes and communication required to recognize success.

3. Making Change Last: Introducing changes to the existing business models to accomodate the changing improvements, the impact to processes and communication plan for engagement, adoption, and results oriented implementation.

What were the fundamentals for the Change Optimization Effort:

1. Introducing Opportunity: Organization was at a initial maturity on Change Management posing a risk to customer experience, business impact, and governance responsibilities. Unauthorized changes were being implemented without a change ticket, adequate detail, or approval. Changes had been implemented that impacted the Business and it’s customers, and service restoration was delayed for lack of traceability to the change, its timing, and who was responsible.

2. Implementing Change: All changes to production system needed to have a change request ticket with a clear owner, a clear start, and end date, accurate classification of impact, communication plan for any planned or unplanned interruptions to the business, implementation date planning to not collide with other events, and required owner approval before implementation.

3. Making Change Last: All groups changes were to be logged and reviewed. Unauthorized changes were logged in Problem processes and communication plan involved Change Management and Process Guidance for workshop and general engagement, adoption, and results oriented implementation. Milestones of logging all change, improving change documentation, and improving change process were managed as an ongoing effort.

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