Business Analysis: BA Job Growth and Articulated Value

Business Analysis: BA Job Growth and Articulated Value

A decision made to “fit” a single constraint, often lacks the options that could help determine a more effective solution. Too often a team will force fit a tool, and try to make the process fit, or develop a database that fits for the time, but does not scale for the future.

Business Analysts help facilitate the journey from current state to recognize improved or future state problems for stakeholders. They add dimension to problem solving by thinking more holistically about the type of solution that will solve the current problems and scale for the future.

Jobs in the Business Analysis Sector are on a continued 14% growth curve US Market Analysts estimate the US will need 120,400 business analysts based on 115,200 additional business analysts, from growth plus 5,200 existing business analysts reaching retirement.

Hot Spots for Business Analyst Jobs are California (102K) , Virginia (48K) and Florida (42K). Connect to other Business Analysts or hire them by posting jobs in the Jobs N Careers –  Facebook or LinkedIn.

Requirements Analysis

Requirements Analysis will identify stakeholders, capturing the business requirements that will meet business needs and consider the risks related to technology integration and standard operating procedures.  

Requirements Analysis creates the foundational, business process, system requirements, user requirements, and the operational requirements and the core documents includes prioritization and organization of requirements for discussion and presentation (state diagrams, prototyping, data flow diagrams, and process modeling, and competitive analysis).

Define the Module and Role Dependencies for ServiceNow Functionality
Some Business Examples of Requirements Analysis
  • Inform approaches in investing in buy versus build technology decisions
  • Defining Out of box versus internally developed solution capabilities for new ServiceNow Functionality with current functionality (example above)
  • Diagnostic analytics to improve data ingestion failure rate.

Process Engineering

Businessman or engineer working on business process automation or algorithm with flowchart on computer screen

Process Engineering is the study to identify opportunity for improved optiization and efficiency in performance, customer experience, and cost.

Example of a Process Engineering Workflow, where the Red Items are called out for requirements decisions
Some Business Examples of Process Engineering
  • IT Service Management improvement for better customer experience.
  • Major Incident Management identification & improved communication.
  • CMDB governance and change improvements.
  • ITSM Vendor Automation for Continuous Process Improvement (Example Provided above)

Running Stakeholder Workshops

workshop concept on blackboard

Stakeholder Workshops provide benefits of alignment early on and during a implementation, to maintain direction, validate understanding, confirm the scope, the themes, and align kick off requirements of the business at a level of detail that can inform the retrospective shared vision.

This involves careful planning, stakeholder analysis, required attendance and decision participation. The schedule and discussion needs to invite questions and elicitation while preserving the initial scope. New functionality needs to have additional discussions around funding to expand.

  • Schedule, objectives and scope
  • A day in the life, tools, templates process, and pain points
  • Defined process, metrics, reporting
Some Business Examples of Stakeholder Workshops
  • New Best Practices for ServiceNow Module for Implementation in Enterprise (Example Above)
  • Creating an approach to Service Catalog and ITSM
  • Implementing Customer Experience Oriented Knowledge Management
  • Creating a Healthcare IT Managed Service Model Center of Excellence

Writing Stakeholder Specifications

Defines the Stakeholder Specifications guiding the Business Analysis Foundations and includes Requirements consideration for Business and Stakeholder specifications for:

  • Project overview
    • vision
    • objectives
    • context
    • current state/future state process map
  • Project scope (in Frame/Out of Frame)
    • Success factors
    • Future Roadmap/Backlog
    • Project constraints (such as schedule and budget)
Stakeholder RACI clarifies level of engagement and responsibilities of a project.
  • Business requirements
    • Stakeholder Identification (RACI Example provided above)
    • Scope of the solution
    • Quality control measures
    • Communication and Training

Refining stories into actionable tasks

Scrum builds upon the vision and brings order to User Stories product and sprint backlogs, and 2-4 week sprints of incremental product and sprint review action, demonstration and review/retrospective.

Grooming is the activity between user stories and backlog that evolves User Stories to capture requirements that provides a clear definition of the requirements.

Over time we might borrow from a number of disciplines to help define, but here are some helpful examples RACI, Stories, and RIDAC that help to not miss details, and help groom and group the actions or stories, into epics for delivery during a Sprint.

3 Tabbed Document helps track the project dimensions,. Beginning with the RACI above, the RIDAC ongoing, and then the Architecture stories start to take form from ROLE, WANTS, REASON to Architecture stories or Epics.

Refines User Stories by validating user needs, defining major program functionality and grouping related stories, into epics that describe a series of refined stories of user required interactions.

As a < user/role >, I want < list goal > so that < some reason/benefit >.

A good user story is Independent, Negotiable, Valuable, Estimatible, Small & Testable

Maintains a Backlog lists with grooming and alignment/prioritization of all features, functions, requirements, enhancements, and fixes that constitute the changes to be made to the product. Product Backlog items capture identified attributes of a description, order, estimate and value for future planning and use.

Stories Backlog Grooming and Management

Keep a managed RIDAC Log of identified Risks, Issues, Decisions, Actions, and Request Changes records to organize the risks, issues, decisions made, actions logged, to guide story creation and segment it into actionable tasks.

In this example, the team tracks RIDAC on 3 tabs moving from:

  • Risks and Issues Log
  • Decision List
  • Action Items and Open Discussions
  • Request Changes

A Business Analyst bring other Best Practice Business Disciplines from a variety of sectors to provide an excellent frame work of needs, requirements, capabilities, and project plan to delivery.

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