Benefits of a Modern Center of Excellence (COE)

Benefits of a Modern Center of Excellence (COE)

What is a center of excellence?

A center of excellence which supplies subject matter expertise and resources to provide and support thought leadership, best practices, research, support and/or training. The primary aim of centers of excellence is to accomplish scale, sustain innovation and expand cultural adoption of a given focus area.

Garter estimates that over half of organizations with 3 or more Artificial Intelligence Projects will embrace a Center of Excellence approach because it encouraged and adaptive enterprise, and improves integration, which accelerates leadership success for critical AI solutions.

 McKinsey reported that 60% of top-performing companies in advanced analytics have a “center of gravity” to drive their analytics efforts forward, and in a separate study Garter found that 50% of organizations with more than three AI projects will establish a Center of Excellence for AI by 2022.

3 Pillars of a Modern COE:

Successful development of a modern Center of Excellence requires the acquisition or production of a detailed understanding of the delivery model and its benefits. A modern Center of Excellence increases revenue and return on investement by leveraging subject matter expertise and data structure through 3 key pillars:

  1. Vision.
  2. Collaboration.
  3. Culture. 

6 Benefits of a COE:

Centers of Excellence are being organized and centralized in an Enterprise or business sector, because they work, and get results.

Regardless of the type of COE, here are some of the benefits of establishing a center of excellence approach to DevOps, business transformation, and problem management. Gartner estimates effective Cloud Centers of Excellence will deliver 95% most measurable cloud transformational success through 2021.

  1. Create an awareness to leverage value from new trends such as Big Data, knowledge and data sharing to reduce risk, while accelerating and expanding best practices
  2. Accelerate Change and encourage breakthrough business innovation and continuously improve siloes of inefficiency
  3. Support Data Governance, Data Analytics, and Regulatory Compliance with a consistent agreed approach to documentation, processes and procedures, data, resources, experience, and best practices
  4. Reduce complexity and time to market strategies through a core competency around a strategic capability
  5. Improve the consistency, that recognizes savings and value from quality service delivery
  6. Boost team productivity and retain knowledge to promote collaboration improved ROI, professional growth and development


Commitment to Healthcare and Hospitals of The Future from COE Excellence

Willis-Knighton, in Shreveport Louisiana is a leading COE example from the Healthcare space. Willis-Knighton Health System COE , a healthcare community established over 90 years ago, who embraced the COE approach established in the 1980s to reshape quality healthcare solutions as part of a wider business transformation focus that has opened operations of 11 new centers of excellence in operation today.

IT COE Example

CIO100 Awards TCS Top Business Transformers

Like the healthcare example of Willis-Knighton, I got to observe the difference a well organized Center of Excellence has on business transformation in a entrpreneurial summit held in Silicon Valley before Covid.

Tata Consultancy Service, started with the standardization of an approach to excellence as a service. They documented the attributes, the body of knowledge and the way it operated to deliver value and refine the service experience.

Some of the Centers of Excellence TCS have launched Innovation and Delivery Centers to extend and accelerate emerging technology value to invest in research that improves innovation from their body of subject matter expertise has also accelerated the devops underpinnings to improve other elements of service excellence:

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