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How COVID Ravages The Heart

Many are reporting fatigues ,myocardial damage, arrhythmias, coagulation blood abnormalities, vertigo, cardo fitness, headaches, most are likely to relate to Corona Virus Long Haul Symptoms. 13 months into my COVID 19 journey I celebrated the victory over what I thought was nearing the end of my COVID Journey. I had survived and been to the […]

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ServiceNow Managed Ideation drives Innovation

Encourage ideas that reduces gaps in functionality to improve functionality, capabilities and productivity

The Idea Portal itself centralizes these great ideas to one place to encourage more innovation and best practices that can be used to improve the quality of ideas in one idea.

The community can vote on or elaborate on ideas that offer greatest value.

The Support teams can be more transparent and organized in managing ideas disposition
Support Teams can manage a backlog of functionality that can be done in the future.

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Several Use Cases: Anaplan Centers of Excellence

A Center of Excellence creates the foundation needed for successful utilization to enable and recognize true Connected Planning.  Forrester conducted a Total Economic Impact study that found Anaplan’s Center of Excellence approach has potential to deliver 3x Return on Investment (ROI). Connected Planning and Shared Vision is recognized by engaging and Connecting People. Anaplan Center of Excellence’s approach begins […]

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Cost and Value Detractors in Customization of your ServiceNow investment

ServiceNow upgrades its platform with the latest features, functionality, process improvements, every 6 months. Companies that are using standard ServiceNow Processes and Out of Box functionality model, tend to be more agile, and more capable to keep pace. For those with heavy customization, the challenge of upgrade, pace and agillity can be more challenging. I […]

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Jobs n Career Success News

Employees want Flexibility Over 40% of COVID Pandemic Workers are burned out and thinking of quitting their present jobs, according to a recent World Economic Forum survey. In the post-COVID work world, employees want and expect flexible work options. Bad news for companies already struggling to get the right talent, but insisting they must see […]

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