Artificial Intelligence: What to KNOW about improving AI Search Assist

Artificial Intelligence: What to KNOW about improving AI Search Assist


Enterprise Service Management needs power tool functionality and the Best Service Portal, User Experience depends upon their ability to search, and find answers, resolve issues, report problems, and request services.

A UX positive Portal Experience means everything to the productivity of our users, and recognizing the potential of our business.

  • How easy is it for your Users to get results from your platform? When do they use it and more importantly what other ways did they try first?
  • Do you have solutions and resources for Users to search across platform, information, systems, and knowledge to find what they are looking for?
  • Did they stop using the platform because checking alternative sources was more efficient?
  • Do performance issues with search, create, update, or manage their tasks and tickets slowed them from choosing to use the ITSM Platform?

The results of a positive Enterprise Service Management User Experience results in improved Governance, Risk and compliance controls, improved user experience and most importantly reportable ROI.

Enterprise Continuous Improvement, while overburdened!

Since 2020 Covid Pandemic, most CIOs had reduced or held spending. Investments in Digital transformation started becoming priority with a 9.5% investment in 2021. Worldwide IT spending in 2022 from Gartner, forecasts Worldwide IT Spending boom to exceed $4.4 trillion, an increase of 4% over 2021. Post Covid Pandemic has had definite impact on resource and budgeted expansion.

Meetings after meetings around what new technology might improve our efficiency. Alas with more work, and less staff feeling they are asked to do their jobs plus continuous improvement and digital advancements, feel they are still doing more with less resources, IT Service Management Leaders have an engagement and resource management problem that technology could help them solve.

The problem of ITSM begins at the surface. IT Service Management staff have real problems and do not have time for dabbling in whatever their view of Artificial Intelligence is, until after they solved them! They are being asked to do more, with less, faster than before, with no budget to improve.

Accenture article “Signals of Business Change” really captures the post pandemic opportunities and how to be positioned to face them.


The name and functionality sound and feel scary for overburdened staff. Ask them to join a call to discuss the impact and requirements of their group. Deafening silence as Business Requirements stall as service teams try to figure out how to progress, trying to prove that AI is so much hype.

Why is AI Search so important as a first case?

When the platform performance, search and action is faster than an internal network, you are at your sweet spot. Continuous improvement from there is about understanding user need and providing the solutions and actions that get them the best and latest answers.

Bulk Web Services, ETLs and integrations over time tend to slow ServiceNow Down. Reporting demands grow over time, and some look to Data Base Analytics via Tableau.

An Approach Use Case:

How can we improve search results for our User Experience, our ITSM Process Owner and Manager search for data and analytics that can fuel data driven decision making? Our ITSM platform has been growing for almost a decade, and our business changed post COVID. More employees were more dependent upon the platform, which seemed to be running slower, and search was inefficient and felt knowledge incomplete.

Deliver Search and Value with ServiceNow Predictive AIOps

  • Integrate AI Search into other ServiceNow Platforms to Improve Search Results that deliver Incident Deflection, Event Management, and provides data that can improve self service user, and Owner Experience.
    • Establish Application Owner friendly search capabilities Search Application Configuration, Drive awareness of LEARN Navigation for Knowledge, REQUEST CATALOG” for Catalog, Genius search enablement, Set Facets OOB Filters active to false.. ?
    • Include Process Owner capabilities to search Data Lake contents, such as including the events table from a related events tab
    • Improve the use of Approvals into My Tasks visibility.
    • Enable Language Translation on AI Search Results.
  • Optimize Reporting for advanced AI and Search Analytics.
    • AI Search Analytics dashboard offers a feature rich source of improved search performance data analytics.
    • An AIOps tool then uses machine learning to act on all this data, cutting through the clutter to identify patterns and causal conditions.
      • Enable Perspectium Replication for Out of The Box powered AI Search Events table that takes sys-search_event analytics push from Data Lake for Tableau Dashboard consumption/analysis. Perspectium uses a push approach with dynamic replication of the new integration that allows the transfer data, without compromise to performance and speed of data to transfer data.
      • Perspectium Data Sync Implementation most common errors


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