Top Trends in Project Management

Top Trends in Project Management

Outlook for senior Project Management not only continues, it is a core element that Project Manager’s must have to manage financial, organizational change, and agile project scope to deliver success, even in phenomenal distruption. Today’s Project Manager must possess Leadership engagement skills to connect strategy; leverage and engage leadership, and connect to the CxO and Business Needs.

63% of projects demand Organizational Change, however of these organizations surveyed, only 30% believe their change management capabilities are “very” or “extremely” effective.

International Project Management Association (IPMA)
  1. Continued “connected future” reliance on Digitally Connected, Remote Teams
    • A PM must be able to manage their time and deliverables from a distance.
    • Must possess Agile Delivery approaches that deliver incremental predictable value
  2. Project management for broader CxO level strategy and initiatives.
    • How do we execute?
    • How do we make that strategy actionable?
  3. Must lead project and it’s organizational change initiatives as well

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